Sanctuary: City of Lights

The city, considered by many to be the nexus of power in the multiverse, is a place both of great beauty and ugliness. For both reside within its alabaster walls. And carved upon those walls are the Five Laws of Sanctuary.     

In the center of the city, from atop the central spire, the Ars Arcanum maintain the great lights of the city. They shine across battlements maintained by the City Wardens and the grand alabaster and marble palaces of the Lords Quarter. Great heaving cables run from the spire to the workshops of the Factory Quarter.   

Below the spire, behind giant steel gates, a portal to the elemental plane of water cascades fresh, clean water through the Merchants Quarter. Newly made steam boats traverse the Aqueous Via down through the docks and out into the bay. Both the water, and the boats, stop before the giant sluice gates that control the flow of water into the great Aether.

The water also flows down from the canals into the ruins of the Lost Quarter where uncounted millions live in the ruined shadows of the city. Renegade priests and anarchists flock to seedy taverns and plot the overthrow of the city leadership while drinking cheap beer. In the tunnels carved under the city streets, dark powers hide from the light and make deals that seal the fate of hundreds and thousands.

Into the maelstrom of Sanctuary stride our player characters across the streets of the city as their stage. At first they have bit roles as larger forces push them to and fro. But that will change as the secrets of the city unravel before them. 

Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else. Click on the links in this page to learn about the City of Sanctuary. Go to the Character Creation page for character creation and options.

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